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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Restaurant Review: The V-Spot

The V-Spot is a fantastic new restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn (the only 100% all-vegan restaurant in Park Slope from what I hear!)

It's owned and operated by 28-year-old Vegan, Danny. If you're lucky, he'll be your waiter if you go in the evening. The menu is very reasonably priced and varied. There's something for everyone. Here's what we got:

Nacho Platter: White and Blue Corn Nachos, salsa, homemade guacamole, sour cream, refried beans, bean salsa, and taco meat. Verdict: Delicious!

Empan- adas: Delicious fried triangles stuffed with a mixture of chicken, corn, peppers, and other unid- entifiable goodies! They were really, really good. If you visit V-Spot, these are a 'must-try.'

I went to V-Spot with two other people. I took a picture of my entree first, but they had already eaten a good portion of theirs before I was able to snap a shot. Just know, the portions at V-Spot are VERY generous, they just look small because the second two pictures are taken mid-dinner!

My entree: Chicken Parm Hero with Yam Fries. This sandwich is gigantic! I ate such a small portion of it and saved the rest for lunch today. It was so big, in fact, that Gian and I both ate some for lunch and were full!! The Yam Fries were great, perfectly sweet.

E. got the special: Chicken Burrito with a chopped salad. The burrito had fried chicken, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, rice, beans, lettuce and tomato. It was pretty big and E. said it was delicious but next time would ask for more rice and beans.

D. had the meatloaf dinner. It was V-Spot's homemade meatloaf (an improved recipe from their first opening, I hear), mashed potatoes, and sweet corn topped with homemade gravy. The meatloaf was very good, I think it rivals Counter's meatloaf dish (my previous favorite).

For dessert I had a Vanilla Milkshake but was so excited I forgot to take a picture. They use Klines ice cream and sweetened Silk - it was one of the best milkshakes I've had. Defintely better than FoodSwings or VP2.

Overall: extrememly impressive. The service was a little slow, but well worth the wait. Also, the ambiance is great - they have a huge outdoor patio that at night was the perfect dinner temperature.

The V-Spot Cafe
156 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(between Douglas and Degraw - Park Slope)


Blogger KleoPatra said...

If i ever get to Brooklyn, i'll be making a "beeline" for this place. YOWZA!!!

Thanks for this post and info and the photos. I wish i was there!!

June 28, 2006 8:45 PM

Blogger t. said...

Thinking twice, maybe NY is not so far... the website is not accessible for the moemnt, but I found out that V Spot is hiring... and I am currently jobless...

June 29, 2006 7:59 AM

Blogger jenjen said...

Those yam fries look yummy, and very interesting. Sounds like a nice place.

June 29, 2006 6:43 PM


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