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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google This.

Lindyloo from Yeah, that Vegan Shit will sometimes post the Google searches that have taken people to her blog. Her's are a bit more bizarre, but I thought mine were interesting nonetheless:

vegan cereal wild oats
videoclip with swarm of butterflies
vegan rella
"fifth-level vegan"
subway veggie patty ingredients
boba tea in park slope
recipe for crispini
gobo vegan waverly
grapeseed mayo
vidalia chop wizard bad reviews
longo's pizza crust wegmans
knorr sun dried
total vegan living

You can get site info from Site Meter. It's a free website tracking service.


Blogger bazu said...

Lindyloo inspired me to regularly look at my google posts, too! It's sometimes hilarious. (Like, why a google search involving the word Brangelina would lead to my blog...? I've never talked about them!)

I laughed at the "fifth-level vegan" one- it's such a persistant urban legend that there are different "levels" of cousin swears that a "seventh-level" vegan only eats shadows- ha ha.

January 27, 2007 3:27 PM


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