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Sunday, August 13, 2006


So my computer is still sick. Gian said I have to back up all of my files before he can do a clean install. A daunting task to say the least. Anyway, I have all of these great pictures to upload but want them on my computer so I'm trying to wait for it to feel better. Right now I'm using Gian's laptop. It's okay but the battery is shot so you have to keep it plugged in (kinda defeats the point of a laptop!) *sigh*


Blogger JAM*tacular said...

Good luck with the 'puter. Re-installs suck :/

August 13, 2006 12:11 PM

Blogger Urban Vegan said...

Sending Vitamin C (for computer) your way...

August 13, 2006 12:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sending get well computer vibes your way. that totally sucks!

August 13, 2006 2:51 PM

Blogger KleoPatra said...

GET WELL SOON, computer.

Geez, viruses and bugs... computers seem to get more ill than we do! Maybe they need to eat less electricity and more vegan treats, Jenny...

August 13, 2006 9:25 PM

Blogger Melody said...

I hope it get better soon! *Sending good vibes and computer ginger/echinacea tea*

August 14, 2006 4:17 PM

Blogger jenny said...

I think it does need to eat more cyperveggies!!

August 14, 2006 7:41 PM


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