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Friday, February 22, 2008

Virgil's Keg

The funny thing about this keg is that every time we would pass the Virgil's Keg aisle at Wegmans, Gian would beg to get one, then we'd laugh...we decided that the next time we had multiple people over for dinner we'd get one.

When the time came to get it, Gian was busy, so I made a special trip to Wegman's just to pick it up, as I walked down the aisle, there was another couple in the aisle, the male partner begging the female partner to please get the keg, she replied that he could get it the next time they had people over as I ducked below them to grab one off the bottom shelf. He looked at her and said, 'She gets to get it today.'

It's definitely a novelty.

It also only stays fresh for about 12 hours. Get some frosty mugs and some vanilla Soy Delicious for floats!


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