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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Furminator

That's really what it's called, The Furminator...

It's like a little rake with very fine teeth, it grabs ALL the hair from George and Good Girl, it's ridiculous, the commercial for it has a lab laying in piles and piles of hair, well, that's exactly what it was like when I used it on these two for the first time!

That could have been my back porch.

I ordered mine from eBay for $25.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dinner - Tofurky and Roasted Squash

The supermarket had a sale on Tofurky after the holidays, so I grabbed one (for $12!). I make it with roasted vegetables surrounding it:

This is a premade dish you can get from Wegmans or you can make it yourself (roasted red onions, butternut squash, spinach, and craisins), it's unbelievable rich and savory:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars

Every year while watching the Red Carpet shows before the Oscars I am just waiting for one of the many veggie actors to specifically comment that they are wearing animal-free designers. So far my waiting has been in vain, how much is it to ask that when Regis or Ryan asks someone like Natalie Portman who she is wearing, for her to point out how 'vegan' her outfit is. Apparently, too much.

Everyone mentions their Manolo's or their Jimmy Choo's, no one ever mentions their vegan-couture. It's too bad.

Anyway, check out some excellent vegan couture at Stella McCartny's Site.

Well, until next year...


This was the scene in our dining room a few weeks ago, Gian had some friends over to play Halo 3, they brought TVs and Xboxs, it was a crazy jumble of wires and frantic screams of excitement.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Envirosax Redux

A while back I posted about my re-usable shopping bags, I couldn't take a good photo of them and the photos online were so tiny it was difficult to see what I was so excited about!

Now they're available at Delicious and Urban Outfitters !

Here are some better pics of the color scheme I have, but there are multiple varieties, for example, Urban Vegan got the more modern versions, also available at Urban Outfitters.

This blue one is my favorite!

This model is very concerned and upset about the environment:

Virgil's Keg

The funny thing about this keg is that every time we would pass the Virgil's Keg aisle at Wegmans, Gian would beg to get one, then we'd laugh...we decided that the next time we had multiple people over for dinner we'd get one.

When the time came to get it, Gian was busy, so I made a special trip to Wegman's just to pick it up, as I walked down the aisle, there was another couple in the aisle, the male partner begging the female partner to please get the keg, she replied that he could get it the next time they had people over as I ducked below them to grab one off the bottom shelf. He looked at her and said, 'She gets to get it today.'

It's definitely a novelty.

It also only stays fresh for about 12 hours. Get some frosty mugs and some vanilla Soy Delicious for floats!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day Breakfast

I made this Valentine's Day breakfast over the weekend.

Blueberry Waffles, Hash Browns, and a Tofu Omelet with Spinach and Vegan Rella:

Bloodless Mary and Fiesta Sunrise (non-alcoholic versions of a Bloody Mary and Tequila Sunrise):

Dexter on CBS


If, like me, you don't have Showtime, then you probably haven't seen Dexter. Luckily for us, due to the now resolved Writer's strike, CBS is airing (somewhat edited) episodes of the Showtime series.

CBS airs these refitted episodes at 10:00pm EST and (even better) also has them for FREE as a livestream from their website: Watch Dexter Now.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I never get tired of vegetable sushi!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


There are a number of reasons I have blogged less lately, one is that I've just been very busy at work, the other is that I have had some photo storage issues. My storage issues have been solved by Picasa!

Picasa is Google's photo storage application (similar to Flickr or Photobucket).

Picasa has some unique features: it syncs with iPhoto and with Blogger and you can access it through your Google account. It's very easy to use and really easy to upload and organize.

Check out my public photos here:Picasa Public Albums

Blueberry Crumb Pie

I picked up a mini blueberry crumb pie at Vegan Treats, it was perfectly sweet and tart. They are made with FRESH blueberries and the extra flavor and quality that the fresh berries impart are really noticeable.

Vegan Treats Swag

Vegan Treats now has merchandise available at it's Bethlehem Bakery. They have t-shirts, aprons, scarves, and panties:

I walked away with some awesome swag:

Close up of two of the buttons:

The shirts are all American Apparel, they're awesome.

Canoeing 2007

I forgot I had these photos:

This past summer, Dave and I went canoeing along the Delaware River in PA. I was so afraid of dropping the camera, I only took photos en route to the launch. Dave supplied the canoe and I supplied the lunch:

We had Tofurky sandwiches on rosemary bread, cinnamon twists, Vitamin Water, water, and bananas -- they all fit snugly into my cooler:

I borrowed my dad's truck to shuttle the canoe up to the launch.

Dave somehow fit the canoe on top of his VS Jetta (TDI)

They look like nuclear cooling towers, but they're not.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Product Review: Cento Marinated Artichoke Hearts

I LOVE artichoke hearts. Frannie makes them fresh and they are to die for. Actually, the first time I had ever had them was about two years ago when Frannie cooked them up. I have emulated her recipe with mixed results, the most frustrating being the ridiculous amount of time it takes to trim them, cook them, etc.

Fresh artichokes are around $4-$10 for 8 depending on the size and the season.

Enter Cento Marinated Artichoke Hearts - $1.48 for a jar of 8.

They are delicious. I bought them to put on salad, but ate the first jar plain with a fork. If you like tangy, kind of sweet, kind of lemony, garlicky goodness, these are for you.

Anyway, at 20 calories per heart, they are the perfect snack.